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Skin Smooth is a specialist, permanent hair removal clinic, that uses state of the art advanced technology.

Electrolysis has a new face – Thermolysis is permanent painless perfection. Removal of blonde, grey and white hair. Extreme comfort, rapid results, no fuss.

Skin Smooth is proud to introduce the state of the art permanent painless hair removal – Apilus for all hair types, skin types including sensitive.


  • 27.12 MHz frequency to destroy all hair types .
  • All skin types including sensitive.
  • Extreme comfort.
  • Removes hair of all colours including grey, white and blonde hair.
  • Pinpoint precision.
  • Optimal customised settings.
  • Safe for everyone.

Thermolysis is not laser hair removal. Thermolysis probes directly into the hair follicle treating the unwanted hair at the root. No scars, no burns, no fuss. All it takes is a thousandth of a second to remove a single hair.


Our team of experts offer the best permanent hair removal treatments. Below are some before and after images of actual treatments done at Skin Smooth.